Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Typical study night with The Crew, some naming as well

Doctor Octagon, Captain America, Lil' Mike, Big Chocolate, Tweaky,the Sundance Kid and I convened last night at The Den to prepare for our upcoming tests. I wasn't present for the naming of Lil' Mike's girlfriend, but she has been dubbed Tweaky. Apparently she made some sound in Doc's presence recently that reminded him of the robot from Buck Rogers. Another name change occurred recently, in that Smartypants finally was re-dubbed as Kw; which not only are her initials, but is a constant we use all the time in chemistry. The Geek Rating (tm) of this nickname is basically off the chart.

Last night was a typical scene at The Den: small dining room table covered with notebooks and calculators; Full throttle, Red Bull and Rock Star power drinks were all represented, bags of various snacks were open and spread about including the infamous Cheezy Poofs. The Crew was huddled over their notebooks, plugging away at calculators, huffing and puffing over the problems. Occasionally loud expletives erupted from the table.

[A side note about Cheezy Poofs -- I am fully responsible for introducing this addictive substance to the study group, and I'll take my karmic lumps for that. A bag lasts approximately 7 minutes once opened -- if they weren't so rich they wouldn't even last that long.]

Tweaky and I were off in the living room, studying on the Comfy Couch. Despite the posh accommodations we had, I felt a little strange and a little anxious, as I was off to the side studying evolution instead of chemistry. It was like having to pull over on the side of the freeway, hood steaming with some engine problem, while all your friends in a caravan blasted on past you. I knew dam well I needed to put in study time for the upcoming evolution test, but I also knew I was falling behind in Chemistry. I guess it was one of those "character building moments" your grandparents always told you about. Or, one of those self-help opportunities that are dubbed in my house "another fucking opportunity for growth." Regardless, I pressed on and put in the minuscule amount of time that evolution gets allotted. I easily spend 85 - 95% of my study time on Chemistry.

I've now taken the mid-term in evolution, and it felt pretty OK. I'm going to walk around in the sun for a few minutes before Injury Avoidance class (Aikido) and possibly think up another post. I have 3-4 brewing at the moment, we'll see what arrives.

Enjoy yourself,



Shocho said...

You guys look so... sepia! I'm so jealous.

Bpaul said...

The picture is from Burns Oregon of all places. I thought it was way cool.

Andy said...

I would like to hear more about the infamous "Cheesy Poofs." How did you discover this amazing product?

You've inspired me to experience the bliss that is Cheesy Poofs. In your opinion, is addiction immediate, or can I safely risk a bag or two? *grin*

BTW, this is Pairadox.

Bpaul said...


You've been warned, addiction is immediate -- do not pass go, do not collect $200. No safety here, no minimum exposure level, the LD-50 is like one cheesy poof.

Be warned.

Great to see your name bud.

Andy said...

Day 1: Report from the field

This series of reports will chronicle my descent into Cheesy Poof addiction, and the effects on my family, my health and my very state of being.

I went in search of Cheesy Poofs about an hour ago. I used the product locator on the website to find 4 possible stores "close" to my house, and the first two stores had the original cheesy poof flavor, but alas, not the jalapeno. I decided to go with the original flavor for my first experience, and bought a bag at the second store.

At this point, 40 minutes into the journey, my son looked at me, and asked "So... dad... we're driving all over town to get a bag of cheesy poofs?" And he grinned at me, and I replied, "Yes" with an even bigger grin, and we both started laughing. You see, when one quits World of Warcraft, one suddenly finds that there is plenty of free time for exactly this type of foolishness!

This extravagant waste of time was perfectly fine though, because it was also an opportunity to fire up some Led Zeppelin. We don't get to do that when mom's in the car ("that noise is giving me a headache" is her usual response).

On the trip home, I opened the bag, and began eating in the car. I have to admit... I am a bad father. It's one thing, as an adult, to weigh the risks and potential consequences, and then make the decision to voluntarily expose myself to this addictive substance. But to hand bunches of Cheesy Poofs into the back seat to my son... *gasp* What was I thinking?

Ok. We downed about 1/2 a bag on the way home. I have to agree, they are very rich, and quite delicious. It would be truly dangerous for me to open a bag of these puffs and begin on an empty stomach in a state of hunger. This was my first time, and due to having a partially full stomach, and the richness of the product, I was able to avoid consuming the entire bag in one sitting.

More accomplished users have claimed 7 ounces in 7 minutes - OH MY GOD! I can only imagine the effects that 1050 calories and 70 grams of fat would have on my physical and emotional state.

I look forward to finishing the bag, and I am very eagerly awaiting the restocking of the jalapeno variant.

Until next time!

Bpaul said...

*Crowd goes wild*

Holy Huge Comments Batman!

Yes, the 7 minutes was with a crew of like 6... NOT solo. Not possible.

Do keep me appraised of the situation.