Friday, May 25, 2007

Pleasant Musical Surprise at PSU -- The Crosswalks

Normally I don't enjoy the live music played at PSU on the park blocks, but today I was pleasantly surprised. The Crosswalks were putting out some very appealing, jangley pop that I just had to stop and listen to. This was my once a year "wow, this band doesn't suck" moment at PSU.

I'll leave the reviews to real music reviews, but I will say they were a pleasant reminder back to early Throwing Muses and even the Pixies in their mellower moments. They also had the wonderful quality of knowing their instruments and voices, and playing them with skill -- they didn't have that unintentionally-sloppy sound that 90% of live acts I hear in the blocks tend to have. They were in command of their music, making it do what they wanted, without sounding at all stiff. Enjoyable stuff, even for an old geezer like me.

Their debut album New Ghost Lights is getting some positive attention in town. You may want to hit their myspace page and take a listen.

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