Monday, May 21, 2007

Interesting Work: TV

In case you haven't been following Catherine Justs's photo blog, she posted a link to her soon-to-be-husband's production company. They produce, shoot, do everything for the lead-ins to television shows.

Hm, before I write further I need to put a huge disclaimer/caveat in here. I know very little about this work, and therefore will be using rampantly pedestrian phrases for specific things about "The Industry." Don't expect this post to be a lexicon of TV production jargon, I'm hardly awake.

Anyway, Jerry is a very talented guy and his production team does slick work. Their company is called Montgomery Creative -- probably something I should have mentioned a little earlier in the text.

What sparked a post was that this type of thing falls under the "holy cow there are amazingly specific jobs out there," category in my world. Montgomery Creative doesn't, to my knowledge, do full-length anything. They do intros to full length productions. And they are dam good at it, because they specialized. They have to have all the talent sets of folks who do full-length work, but that's not what they decided to specialize in. A trip really.

So it's nothing earth-shattering today, just tripping out on what folks do for work, how specific it gets, and how much talent hides in nooks and crannies of the work world.

Apparently, for the folks who do these lead-ins (I pray Catherine the Great will pop in here and tell me the REAL name for this type of spot), the one for 6 Feet Under was the pacesetter for the whole business for a while there. They all thought it was the shiznat.

Off to school, ya'll have a good time now.


Ps: Catherine that new photo is tantalizing -- in a wildly talented, artistic way of course.


CtheG said...

I just sat down to the computer and read your post. Got up, ran over to Jerry and read it to him. It was GREAT!
The jobs they do are called " main titles ". They do this type of work for TV shows - and also do promo pieces to promote tv shows ( which I call commercials but he always corrects me....I hear commercials pay better .... )
Funny thing is - Jerry is very humble and I rarely get a glimpse of how bleeping talented he is until it's on tv. Then he just mentions it in passing - and I am tripping at how incredible the work is.
By the way: My name was in a main title for a tv show called Killer Instinct. Jerry placed the name on a toe tag of a dead body. It was so fast that you had to pause it to see the name but it's THERE!! It was really funny. Jerry's photography work gets used in main titles all the time which is super cool if you ask me.
Yesterday they had me in a wetsuit in a big tank with an underwater camera - and I WANT TO TELL YOU THE REST but I have to wait a FRICKIN MONTH! But it was one of the best experiences I've had - ever probably!
Thanks for talking about Jerry's work! I love the way you write. It tickles me. And thanks for the feedback abot the feet image. I had a feeling you might like that one! xo*c the g

CtheG said...

ok - sorry for the typos. I hate that.

Bpaul said...

Old crushes die hard.