Friday, May 25, 2007

Curse of the Golden Flower, TJ's, Sugar Hangover

So the kind Canadians had a good day touristing about in Portland, and we planned a night in a beer theater then ice cream and classical music at Rimsky's. But The Wife had taken her monster test that day and was pretty road-weary by the time we were planning to get going, so we decided instead to hit TJ's, stock up on 3-buck-chuck and snackeys, and stay in. I took the Canukistaneese to Movie Madness, since that's as much of a "Portland thing" as going to a beer theater or Rimsky's. We hunkered down for our movie with an array of snacks: Mochi Ice Cream Balls, peanut butter pretzels, and strawberries with chocholate sauce.

We chose The Curse of the Golden Flower and weren't disappointed. I am on a dead heat here to get to my public transportation date on time -- how shall I make this quick... The movie is so over the top in look and especially costumes that it can be forgiven a lot in plot. However, the plot (if you are into court intrigue) is not lacking -- so overall it is a very enjoyable experience. If you happen to have any folks around who are willing to comment on the FABULOUSNESS of the costuming and excess, that much the better (we have T., unparalleled for pointing out excess and drag-queen-like fashion with aplomb). My single bitch about the whole movie (no this isn't a spoiler) is the horrible song at the ending credits. The rest is just dandy.

Of course we were amongst good company and surrounded by TJ's bounty, drinking hard cider and cheap wine. Good time had by all.

I woke up, as expected, with a sugar hangover. I have to treat an indulgent night of sweets like others would a case of red wine -- extra water and aspirin before bed -- or I wake up regretting my hasty actions.

Ok running for the bus, ya'll have a good day now.



Marty said...

Haha, Canuckistaneese, I love it.

Dont know if you have seen it, but one of the movies you raved about, Night Watch, has a sequel coming out called Day Watch.

Tate said...

i loved the curse of the golden flower movie.
i loved it

Bpaul said...

My whole study group is planning to watch Day Watch the night after our Chemistry final. It's showing in a local art-house. We're all over it!