Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Geese Aplenty, yet another chicken Obit., Golden Compass trailer

Many things to present this morning, small things, mish-mashed things.

First off, I found a new blog and this one is so good I thought I'd share it with you. This guy knows how to write, and is very funny. The blog is called Geese Aplenty, by Greg Howard. Normally I wouldn't bug you with another blog, but I saw a few posts and had to pick a favorite to share. Here is an example of his work, make sure to get to the end, it has a couple punch lines, of sorts, that rock.

Secondly, we lost TaTa this morning. Another banty from the old days, same batch as Mata Hari. Both of these chickens were full grown pet chickens when we received them 4-5 years ago, so they lived to be a ripe old age. TaTa was a barred-rock colored (I know there is a more technical term for black and white speckled, but can't bring it up in the memory banks at the moment) banty with a nice spray of feathers over her feet and quite the attitude. TaTa and ChiChi were a little dynamic duo when we first got this batch of chickenlets. ChiChi had so much attitude we decided to farm her out to a few friends with a bigger straw yard than ours. TaTa was always mellow and stayed with us. Now to find a spot in the yard that 1. hasn't been planted yet, and 2. doesn't already have a chicken buried in it. We have lost 3 this year now, the first due to opposum then the more recent little girls of old age.

Enough morbidity, time for movie fantasty. The Golden Compass, a really great "young adult" fantasy book has been adapted to the screen. Not only that, but it's nearly done and has a trailer finally. I would be decently excited about this, because I actually enjoyed the book (and I'm not one of those Harry Potter fanboi adults either, I can't get through the first book of that series), but The Wife is really revved up. I wouldn't say beside herself, but while both T. and I were still completely bleary-eyed, she regaled us with descriptions of the trailer and the books despite the fact that she didn't have a fully conscious audience. If I can get my hands on the fabled 10 minutes of sneek peek, I will post it toot sweet. Also, this is only one of a trilogy called His Dark Materials, by Philip Pullman (probably should have mentioned his name earlier in this post, eh) -- so there are two more movies coming. Good news for The Wife, she's quite excited.

Ya'll have a good day now, ya hear?



stingite said...

hehe. Favorite line from the Geese Aplenty log was this: "Ireland is dark, cold, and full of whizzing bullets, and so young half-naked girls tend to go somewhere else."

Bpaul said...

Rocking, I agree. He's prolific too, and consistently witty.

Andy said...

The Golden Compass, mmmmmm....

I read that trilogy a few years ago, and I enjoyed it. I am huge fan of sci-fi/fantasy movies, so I'm definitely looking forward to this!

It's strange to see Daniel Craig and Eva Green together again so soon in the same movie.

CtheG said...

WOW 3 chickens already passed away this year. What is the typical lifespan? If you already talked about this in a previous post I am sorry I didn't get the download.

Kate said...

*loved* those books when I was younger....I'm going to have to dig them out and re-read now.
and no cracks about the "younger" bit Brandon ;)

Bpaul said...

Catherine, anywhere between 5-15 years, typical median is about 7 years or so. They are right on schedule.

Kate -- Even a toddler has the ability to say "younger" -- it's prenatal, but it's younger.


Kate said...