Saturday, May 19, 2007

Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong, it's what's for breakfast.

I've started up a new Qi Gong practice. Qi Gong basically translates as "energy work." The most common form of Qi Gong in the U.S. currently (well, technically a subset of Qi Gong) is Tai Chi. This practice is common to see here on the West Coast, and especially in Portland. Plenty of people in the parks moving slowly and gracefully.

Good Buddy Jonathan Schell, acupuncturist extraordinare, turned me on this teacher coming in to our area with a Qi Gong that he was very interested in. The practice is Jingui golden Shield Qi Gong, and the instructors name is Dan Pappas, he has his own Blog. He's a cool guy, easy to talk to, and very approachable. He's very smiley, which at first confuses Portlanders who are just creeping out of their dens from a long grey winter. But I'm used to it, as most every Qi Gong practitioner I've ever worked with was also smiley -- it's part of the practice actually. Smiles set meridians in the face into a healthy position, etc etc.

SO -- I'm going to clear a spot where I can face South and do my thing. Get all healthy and shit. Ya'll have a Saturday now, ya hear?

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