Saturday, May 5, 2007

Movie Review: The Matador

Ok this is more of a DVD head's up than a movie review. I realized thinking about my timing with seeing movies, that pretty much all my "movie reviews" will be "DVD release reviews." I just don't tend to go to opening night or sneak peaks of pretty much anything.

So, on the phone with my Dad the other day, my stepmother yelled from the other room to make sure to tell me to see this movie. She said it was the best part she'd ever seen Pierce Brosnan in. After seeing the movie, I have to agree.

This is a movie about a hitman in the end of his years, quickly losing his edge. He befriends Greg Kinnear in Mexico and their lives intermingle. There are some real gem comedic scenes in this movie, and it has a nice overall look and style to it as well. I highly suggest this movie for a light comedy/light action evening in. A little booze helps get you over the bumps, and most folks with any interest in Brosnan whatsoever will be quite pleased.

The bumps: Greg Kinnear plays his stereotypical role -- nervous, loser dad/supporter type. He's a good actor and I'd like to see him do something different. There also is a little too much characterization about how much he and his wife are such a perfect couple -- love each other despite their difficulties in life etc. Seemed like unnecessary film time to me. And there are splashes of hollywoodness, of producer-style cliche in the plot line, especially at the end.

Despite giving as much ink (or pixels) to the down side of the movie as I gave to the up, I highly suggest this movie. We laughed a lot and only had to cringe a little bit towards the end (any more, expecting no cringing whatsoever in a movie seems to be shooting for the stars). This is definitely my favorite Pierce Brosnan role ever. I'd love to hear some feedback from folks who see or have seen this movie, to find out if we just had "one too many" last night or it's as entertaining as we thought it was. B, to B+.

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