Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Blog synchronicity, sore arms, sexy back

First off, I sat down this afternoon to type up a post from my fire lookout journal onto my other Blog, and it is covering some of the same material I wrote in this morning's post. I talk about the Hanbleceya ceremony specifically. Interesting little synchronicity there, I thought.

School report: Today was mostly about my Injury Avoidance class. We were doing wrist lock maneuvers which, if I were a better blogger, I would have the Japanese name for. What it left us neophytes with after class was arms red with "raspberries." As kids we also called these "Indian burns." Where the hell did that name come from?

A quick lookup in Wikipedia gives this:

Indian burn

A prank done by grasping the victim's forearm firmly in both hands, and then twisting the hands in opposite directions about the victim's arm, causing the tender skin to stretch making it red and sore. Also called a Chinese burn, Indian sunburn, Indian rugburn, or Snakebite.

The Wife has amused herself by putting Sexy Back on her headset and putting it on my head while I was writing this post. She knows I can't resist the Head Bob while that song is on, as poppy and pathetic as it can seem. It bumps well, what can I say. She left just long enough for the Head Bob to start up, came back in and leaned on the office doorframe rolling a cigarette and laughing at me. She's easily amused.

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Tate said...

i hated that song when it first came out... but you are right it is hard to ignore it...