Thursday, May 24, 2007

Blog Paparazzi

After the whole chicken burial post (see yesterday) I've been dubbed the Blog Paparazzi in my household. That was the key phrase of the rant The Wife went on after she saw my post -- nothing gets by the Blog Paparazzi.

Ya well, it's all in the name of... art. Can I hide behind art? It's not politics, so it must be art... something first-amendment-ish. Something culturally relevant.

So only a quick missive this morning, as I have a lab writeup due and spent more time last night hanging out with my international visitors than writing on it. The writeup is due in 2 1/2 hours, tho maybe going for just "one day late" might be my best bet at this time. Is it possible to have Senioritis the spring before my senior year?

The intrepid visitors are from Canadaland, and are here for what we've dubbed Gothfest. They have the appropriate boots, so I think they're legit. Probably have more to say about their visit as the weekend progresses. [one of them blogs here, and will keep her pseudonym of Muse]

Enjoy your day,



Shocho said...

Dude! Don't let the man get you down! Or even the wife! Once she realizes that every minutia of her daily life will be immortalized for all time with a momentous blog post, she'll thank you for it!

By the way, politics is art too. Everything is art. A fine excuse and a lousy excuse at the same time.

::Glancing left and right, as if he has already said too much, he rushes out of the room::

Bpaul said...

*secret hand sign to fellow blogaratti*

Tate said...

HMMM, in thename of art, and the wife being pissed at you..... or censorship and the possibility of actually having sex again.. lets think on that

Bpaul said...

As usual, you cut to the bone sir.

Tate said...

i am there for you my friend. hehe

Marty said...

Yeah, free press, First Amendment, all that crap.

And the correct term is Canuckistan.

CtheG said...

oh you guys are cracking me up