Sunday, May 13, 2007

Approaching 2,000 page views.

I'm not going to post at every single numerical landmark, but I just noticed this one and figured I'd mark it. Also got the idea for a new label, "Blog Landmarks." The first comment by someone I'm confident I don't know personally also spurred me to action (thanks for the kind words Janet).

I know there is a lot of argument about page view counters and how they decide who is a 'unique' page view etc. but I'm just pleased to see that folks are enjoying the blog. I am enjoying the hell out of writing it. It has limbered up the writing parts of my brain, and now I can at least trot, or maybe even canter without straining a neuron.

I still have to stretch a lot or I'll pull something I'm sure. But the exercise is going well.

Thanks for stopping by and making it that much more appealing to practice my writing.

1 comment:

Shocho said...

Yay! Grats! You go, boy! I knew you'd enjoy this.