Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Poem: Assignment for a poetry class

We had to write a poem that mixed truth and lie, and write it about why we took that poetry class in the first place. It was at PCC Sylvania, with Tim Barnes, a few years ago when I took this class. I found Tim to be a great poetry writing teacher -- poetry is obviously his passion, and he inspires that in his students.

So this poem comes with caveats, as it is not a finished piece, nothing I would read at on stage or anything. But I found it amusing this morning when it showed up on my desk so I thought I'd throw it up here.

               Why I took Poetry Class

I was a famous poet, see

Published many times over --
womens' underwear on the stage
kinda stuff

And then there was a terrible accident
involving whales
and a 2-stroke diesel engine --
I won't go into it here

There were also electrocutions,
a good number of them --
and chronic pain

After which I found myself
less handsome,
with shorn hair and a wonderful wife,

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