Tuesday, July 31, 2007

You Kill Me - trailer and quickie review

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It's a "small film" I guess -- but when I saw Tea Leoni as one of the producers, I hoped it would be because one of the actors believed in a good quiet little film. Sure enough it was dandy.

There are holes in the plot. It's not perfect, and the minimal action sequences seemed a bit oddly crammed into the movie. But overall it's about watching Ben Kingsley and Tea Leoni walk around and talk, and for that it's really quite good.

Leoni plays a very weird lady, and plays her really well. To my eyes (only seen it once so far) she carries the movie, or at least shines the brightest. Kingsley displays a great sense of comedic timing.

I'd say since it is character- and dialog-driven, no need to rush out and see it in the big theaters. But if you could catch it in a beer theater the contagious laughter in the audience will make it that much more enjoyable.


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