Saturday, July 28, 2007

From an Undisclosed Location in Washington State

Actually I'm just at Stud Farmhand's house. There is a Gordon Setter puppy here who is too cute for words, we had grilled steak last night, and I got to hang out with Stud Farmhand for the first time in months. Since he's moved up here from Sandy Oregon we don't see each other much, whereas we used to go fishing together up to 3-4 times a month.

We're packing up to haul some horses. We're going to the East Side to do some riding. I've never ridden any horse that wasn't a total tourist wagon. The kind of horse that you drop the reigns because they've made this run 3 times today and they just want to get home and have an apple.

Today I'll be riding probably the Tennessee Walker, who is a big horse at 16 1/2 hands. There is also a quarterhorse who can "be a butthead" so Stud will probably be riding him. I'll have to use my legs to guide and everything -- it's going to be a trip.

So, I'll post later and I'll get pictures up of the various animals and whatnot.

Wish me luck,



Bentley said...

Cum mula peperit

Bpaul said...

Holy Crap that's awesome!