Thursday, July 19, 2007

New North American Orchid discovered, and it smells like feet. Endangered desert pupfish get inventive.

Interesting little article sent to me by The Wife, new orchid species discovered in Yosemite.

The word "orchid" brings to mind regal, beautiful, rare, exotic -- I love that this little thing is pretty ugly and smells like an old gym bag. Awesome.

ps/edit: Looks like rare desert pupfish have found an opportunity and have migrated to some man-made research ponds to find new habitat. They are an extremely tenuous species, so any leg up is a good one. Again, awesome.

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Anonymous said...

"He added that it only takes two pupfish — a male and a female — to start a population."

oooh...and here I thought it took 3.

Thanks, champ, for the clarification.


Bpaul said...