Thursday, July 26, 2007

Doc Ock photographs, hospital visit report

Doc Ock is in the hospital, recovering from surgery on his Hiatal Hernia.

The Wife and I went and visited him at OHSU tonight, and he's looking chipper for someone who was just blown up like a balloon, had 4 holes cut into him, had his stomach sliced and then moved up and wrapped around his esophagus. Not the most technically accurate depiction of the surgery, but should give you a good visual. We were there for his first Popsicle, it was a landmark event.

These pictures are of him receiving the window air conditioning unit the Study Group gave him to make his convalescence after the surgery more comfortable. They were taken during a BBQ at Captain America's house. The wrapping was McGuyver at best, and Mad Max at worst. The "bow" is made out of a tall kitchen garbage bag. I basically just covered over anything on the outside of the box that would identify the present, then used enough duct tape that it would be a challenge to get open.

The first shows him starting to open the box, then the moment when he realizes what it was (he said he was scared to open the thing, not having any idea what we would be getting him), and then some Man-Love (tm) with Captain America. On the right there is Captain America's S.O. Wonder Woman.

Finally a few photographic records of the study group. I'll make more as I can.

Enjoy your hernia-free life,



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