Monday, July 9, 2007

I miss ZeFrank -- video defining Brain Crack

Alright, confession time. Hello, I'm a ZeFrank Fanboi. I miss his daily video shows (was that a video blog?).

For those of you who haven't been initiated, The Show by ZeFrank was a year-long daily video project that ended on March 17, 2007. You can go to This Link to see the first show ever, and proceed from there by clicking on the date above the screen. Ze also has a main page with lots of little shorts and whatnots you can watch, some games and weirdness. He blogs a bit on the left bar as well. Not every day of the show is brilliant, but most will make you laugh and some will make you think. Also, he gets the hang of it as he goes, so they get better and better. The inside jokes start to stack up and get some real weight as well.

I was reminded today about one of my favorite episodes, and wanted to share it with you. It's about Brain Crack. You will also see some of the traditions that grew into the show: a man performing a "power move" that was good enough to earn him a superhero name -- Razor Kitten, as well as the chess game he played through the show with The Fabulosos.

I may start posting my favorite shows periodically, for old times' sake. We'll see.


Bentley said...

I <3 Ze Frank. Unfortunatly i didn't find him until after all was said and done, but have been having a blast going through all the episodes..

Bpaul said...

I went from start to finish once, considering doing it again.

<--- bigtime geek

Bentley said...

hahaha. its by far one of the best things ever :P