Saturday, July 7, 2007

Size Matters: Blueberry picking on Sauvie Island

Criddle and I went berry picking yesterday, leaving town early enough to arrive at Sauvie Island Blueberries promptly at 8 am when they open. It's a beautiful set of patches, surrounded by tall trees for a bit of shade. Criddle suggested it because the bushes are nice and tall, which makes them very easy to pick. Most were 5 - 7' high. I'd say the field is 1/4 ripe at this point, so one or two more weeks and it should be in full swing.

Anne Jones, the proprietor, was waiting on her picnic bench in the shade when we arrived. She "Hallo'd" and waved us in the gate. She's a sweet lady, and I recommend this U-pick highly (Sauvie Island Blueberries, 503-621-3332).

She told us where to head for the ripest berries and we set out. One thing I noticed right away was that size, indeed, matters. Many of the berries were the right color, but it was the big huge ones that were the sweetest. We picked to our hearts' content and chatted with each other. I fall off the map when school starts, so hanging out with friends is a huge goal of mine over the summer -- so they know I still exist. Criddle got married since the last time I saw her, so there was a lot to catch up on.

We picked around 13 - 14 lbs each, and paid not very much for them. I honestly don't remember the per-pound cost. I also bought a jar of local berry honey. I love having different types of honey around, and comparing which types I like the best. Wildflower and Clover honey so far top my list. That's probably because we can't easily get Orange Blossom honey up here, which truly kicks ass.

From what I can tell, the Sauvie U-Picks have Blueberries, Marion, and Raspberries ready to go right now. We're waiting on the Boysenberries to ripen up, as they're The Wife's favorite. I'm the only Blueberry fanatic in the house, so I'll have these virtually to myself. I plan to pick 10 - 12 more lbs. before the season is over to fill my larder. I burned through 25 lbs. a few years ago easily, they didn't see the end of March. Most of them eaten out of a bowl like popcorn as they thawed.

I was hoping to get a nice picture of the busting-with-ripeness berries for ya'll, but my camera suddenly decided it only had battery enough for one shot... so there ya go.

Enjoy your summer,



Tate said...

yell if you want another berry picking partner.. i would love to go do that with you

Bpaul said...

You got it! I'll see you tomorrow maybe? If not I'll call. I have to get Boysens for The Wife, and I need to do another Blueberry trip. I heard about an old couple in Corbett that have blueberry trees, and they do nothing pesticide/herbicide-wise other than mow around the base of the trees. I want to find this fabled place.

I'll get in touch.

Tate said...

yes i will be up at redwind tomorrow and we can talk more then..

Bpaul said...

Sweet, see you then.

Trappin' Pat said...

If you can find it MEADOW FOAM honey is pure manna. Farmers used to plant it as a fallow/honey crop. About 5 years ago for some reason everyone stopped. Alaways ask folks selling honey for it and if you find it buy extra for me.

BTW I trapped a coon and a cat last night. Someone has been eating my pitcher plants and I'm peeved and loaded for bear.