Friday, July 6, 2007

Flyfishing trip -- Undisclosed location in the Oregon Cascades

This is probably my favorite trout creek in Oregon. Definitely within reasonable single-day trip distance from Portland. Letlee, Luna and I headed up there to explore a bit and cast over small, precious cutthroats, rainbows and cutbow hybrids.

Luna was surprisingly well mannered during the trip, only on the first pool did she go in and get a drink in the middle of a perfect trout lie. After that, a few words from Mom and she would stay put while we worked the water. Words from me, however, had NO effect whatsoever. Not even a head turn -- nothing. "Mom is Mom, you are some strange monkey with Mom who doesn't count in the least."

Letlee caught her first fish on one of the H & L Variants she tied at our house the day before -- always a proud moment. We each caught a few fish, and missed or LDR'd (Long Distance Release) plenty more.

The fish in this creek, typical of mountain streams, weren't large. But large wasn't what we were shooting for. We wanted beautiful surroundings, big trees, gorgeous water, and ready fish. We got all that in spades. This area is of course catch and release, though I always fret about how well others treat it. I know I only fish it once or twice a season, just to make sure it never gets too much pressure.

I just love this place, and normally fish here when it's stinking hot in Portland. The big trees keep the water clean, and stream restoration efforts create beautiful little plunge pools and logjams that agree with both my aesthetics and the trouts' needs. It's just a wonderful place.

Letlee and I only made it 1/2 way through the section I like to fish, so we will be going back and working upstream from there, resting the fish in the first section for next year. We packed some garbage out, and I even gathered a bit of cedar on the walk out from limbs off a downed tree in the road. That will be a special smudge once it's dried and cleaned.

Enjoy each day,


ps: New photo up on The 17 Gardens of the Outer Nethers tonight as well.


Aaron said...

I've heard of this 'undisclosed' stream . . . Looks great, and I really need to get fishing! The jetty is calling me! Did I mention razor clams and surfperch as well?

Bpaul said...

You best call me you big weenie.

For any/all of that!

CtheG said...

oh settle down you two!
Too funny!

These photos are amazing. but where is your self portrait out fishing?

Bpaul said...

I should have handed the camera over, but it was hard enough to remember to take these photos with hungry trout within casting distance!

Bentley said...
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Bentley said...

That looks awesome :D

I've always ment to try fly fishing. Me and my parents always used to go trawling at a marina called "petter bay" here.. But the 5:30 wake ups, getting caught in 6 to 10ft swells, then finally catching a fish around noon kinda killed it for me :p

random picture of the day.

Bpaul said...

Holy cow that duck doesn't even look real. Awesome pic, thanks.

Tate said...

fishing .....hmmm not sure why anyone would want to catch and GAG eat those things, but i am glad you are having fun. and is that first poster who i think it is???? if say HEY how are you

Bpaul said...

Yes, it's Mr. Back to the Land himself. Talked to him on the phone and everything -- he lives!

Tate said...

WOW.. i was wondering about him. I hope life is treating you well. sorry to hijack your blog bpaul

Bpaul said...

Bah, getting in touch through the comments is great, not a hijack.

Bentley said...

Hmmm, i bet Aaron is somewhere bleeding right now :P