Friday, July 20, 2007

Roisin Murphy - Ramalama (bang bang)

Resorting to a fan video to be able to share this song with ya'll, there is no official one to my knowledge. The song just kicks so much butt I had to find something to post it on the blog with. There are subtleties in the song that made it so I wanted to find a studio version of it to share. I didn't want to just post the live version as an introduction. But in the live video, at least you get to see how very cute Rosin Murphy is. New talent crush.

Ms. Onge introduced me to this song on the drive out to Hanbleceya, and it's going to be a headliner on the next Butt Tape. Haven't explained those yet, have I -- its a music mix series I've been doing for 12 years or so.

edit/ps/addendum: Moloko is her old band with her (now ex) boyfriend. Here's a song from them, Fun For Me -- rocking.

Enjoy the music,


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