Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Frozen baby Mammoth discovered, cloning discussed

A reindeer herder in N.W. Siberia discovered a frozen baby Mammoth specimen that looks to be approximately 10,000 years old, BBC reported today. This, in and of itself isn't what caught my attention in the article. Here is the quote that did:

....Dr Agenbroad remains optimistic about the potential for cloning.

"When we got the Jarkov mammoth [found frozen in Taimyr, Siberia, in 1997], the geneticists told me: 'if you can get us good DNA, we'll have a baby mammoth for you in 22 months',"

That's sorta intense, don't you think? Talking about ethics at this point would be hackneyed and put most people to sleep, but it does beg a few questions don't it? I mean, I saw Jurassic Park -- won't this thing go wild and bang someone's car halfway off a cliff, forcing the inhabitants of the car to shift their weight as overloud music strains down from the heavens to add tension to the scene? Or turn out to be a hyper-efficient predator of some kind and not an herbivore at all, chasing kids through a lab in the jungle and using mirrors to spot the hiding children. Maybe it's just me.

Weird thought for the day at least, cloned Pleistocene mammals lumbering around in a huge outdoor animal park -- huge 9' sloths, mammoths, saber toothed cats, little cloven-hooved stripey horses.

It's been thought before, but I'm not totally awake yet, so it seems trippy still.

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