Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wine Cage (tm), and general summer business

The Wife has a thing for small stools. Especially very small stools with three legs. I don't know if it has something to do with doing so much Children's Theatre in college, or working as a nanny or just an inner child that can't come to terms with the fact that she's nearly 6 feet tall now.

In general, we sit on the floor and use them to hold dinner plates. And then T. came up with the Wine Cage (tm) pictured here.

Home life: busy summer days, happy busy summer days. Worked on the garage roof with a carpenter friend of mine -- prepping it for a new roof. There is now a fancy skylight installed, it opens and everything. Its been in storage in the basement for 3 years now, so cool to finally get it mounted. New trim on the outside as well. Slowly but surely the garage is becoming a work space. T. already works out in it, and there is a tool bench. With enough time and money it will have a bow bench and even a rustic franklin wood stove to burn up the sticks and scrap construction wood that builds up on the property. I've always wanted one of those.

T. is back from Sequim Washington, having worked the Lavender Festival with Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants. He's sitting on the office floor behind me giving the download on the festival, there may have to be a post later. Right now I'm hearing about Joe the cat who lived at the lavender farm, whose body language conveyed clearly that he owned the joint.

Flowers are busting out, Esmerelda is peeping up a storm, and the cats are -- well napping. Napping to recover from their long nights of sleeping.

Enjoy even more, sun's still shining,



Bentley said...

HAH. you know what's weird? Me and My Mom were over in Port Angeles about a week ago getting mom some badly needed supplies (she uses the "Commit" lasagne's for her attempt to quit smoking and i buy the 4l jugs of arizona iced tea and chocolate bars :P) and we were up in "Sequim" visiting it's many Wal-marts :P. We had a discussion with a couple of the locals about how you actually pronounce the word :P We were saying "SeaQuim" and getting all manners of weird looks.. and that is my story.

Bpaul said...

It's SQUIM dude, SQIUM hehe.

Anonymous said...

Bentley - they're making "Commit" in lasagna form now? Sure beats those little lozenges.

Bpaul said...

Yeah, WTF? That's hilarious.

Do tell.