Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Still sore from "Pilates on the Range," T. still gone

My overextended Pilates/Belly-dancing equivalent in the saddle this weekend is still haunting me. I have a tendency to get a bit... excited about new endeavors and this is a good reminder of that habit to overdo. I feel like I've been pummeled about the midsection and kicked in the lower back, repeatedly -- by strong, large people. Only so much stretching can do at this point, it is obviously going to just take time to recover from this indiscretion.

T. has been gone a lot lately. He worked the Sequim Lavendar festival last week, and this week went to San Francisco on another business trip. Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants is keeping him busy. Although it's nice to walk around the house naked, especially in the summer, it will be nice to have him home again.

Most people cringe at the idea of having a room mate, especially married couples; but T. has been in my life since kindergarten and is much more like a brother than a friend. I imagine many people cringed even harder at the thought of living with a sibling as well, but it's not like that. We have the history to know each other well, but not the sibling rivalries and difficulties that real brothers would have. I honestly can't imagine another person that would work living with us.

Ok, enough random musing while I wake up, it's time to start my day.

Enjoy your freedoms while they last,


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