Thursday, July 26, 2007

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder -- new Garage roof

This, to me, is beauty -- stark-raving, maddening beauty. I'm verklempt. We got a bit of tax return, and our choices were 1. debt reduction, 2. fix the roof that leaked through its tarp in a zillion places, 3. (as The Wife always reminds me) Coke and Whores. We went with #2. I threw the card debt on a 0% transfer offer and we finally spent the money to fix the roof.

In the process, we not only removed the former waterproofing device of 2 years (see lower picture) and all the bricks holding it down (which T. has immediately commandeered to widen our garden paths with), but we got the skylight installed that's been in our basement waiting for -- 3 years. Slowly but surely -- one step closer to me sitting in there in the winter, warm and cozy, making wood bows in a snowstorm.

Ahh the life of a college student/homeowner. Thank God one of us is gainfully employed in "the real world." Make that two -- T. is as well.

Enjoy your roof-covered, rain-drip-free existence,



Tate said...

WOOOOT gratz on the new roof. it is purdy

Bpaul said...

Isn't it gorgeous *sniff*

CtheG said...

nice work fellas