Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Underwater camouflage, color, and bioluminescence

I couldn't resist posting this video, a lot of novel little Biological tidbits in one short clip. Never knew about the red-tailed tadpoles.

When I see the electric strobing cuttlefish going after it's prey, I can't help but think of the snake in Animal Book singing "trust in meeeeee, juuuust in meeee" with his eyes going all swirly and hypnotic.

I especially liked the technique used by the dinoflagellates at the end -- tip off your predator's predator and you are golden. The enemy of your enemy is your friend eh? Very nice.

via Your Daily Awesome


stingite said...

Kari and I watched a documentary on the cuttlefish on Discovery the other day and it was awesome. I love the bioluminescent single celled organisms too.

What is it about that quasi-weightless, watery environment that leads to so many funky lookin' animals and plants?

Bpaul said...

In my humble opinion, sea animals just have the jump on terrestrial animals is all. :-)

More time to get funky.

Tate said...

nice to be back in town and reading the blogs my friend

Bpaul said...


Manhugs all around, cheers!

Tate said...

manhugs...... *snort* not something to say when i am drinking.

hehe. but we all know i loves me some Manhugs

Bpaul said...