Friday, July 13, 2007

Worlds Tallest man Saves Dolphins, Breitenbush, and Cherries

The world's tallest man is marrying a 5'6" lady. The news
concentrates on this fact, because of the obvious anatomical musings it produces (very newsworthy, those anatomical musings). The first thing that caught my eye, however, was the incredibly bitching marriage clothing they are wearing. What I thought was most interesting was this little snippet toward the bottom of the article,
"He was in the news in December after he used his long arms to save two dolphins by pulling plastic out of their stomachs.

The dolphins got sick after nibbling on plastic from the edge of their pool at an aquarium in Liaoning province. Attempts to use surgical instruments to remove the plastic failed because the dolphins' stomachs contracted in response to the instruments, Chinese media reported.[photo by Jason Lee, Reuters]"

There is so much I could say there -- my brain is just stymied with options. I guess I'll let it stand on its own.

The Breitenbush trip yesterday turned out to be much more leisurely than I had expected. Nunpa and I arrived, I took the loaded cart down to the sweatlodge area and started to clean up, he went to the office to confirm our cabin and timing and whatnot. He arrived a few minutes later where I was working, and sheepishly explained that there was no sweat today - it was next week. He'd gotten the dates mixed up (first time in 9 years he swears). We were forced to soak, hit the steam room and cold bath, then eat a phenomenally healthy and tasty lunch. It was rough I tell you ROUGH.

In a surreal turn of events, it seems I can't seem to escape Ze Russians (yes, that's a Snatch reference) either. On the drive back, we took the scenic route, following the Clackamas river. At one point, Nunpa pointed out a pullout where there are hotsprings that spill directly into the river. "The Russians love this spot, for some reason." Sure enough, not far down the road there is a nice Russian mom with her babushka on, walking with one of her children on the side of the road. They're everywhere I want to be, I just don't get it.

I polished off the day with a little date with The Wife on the living room floor, involving towels, cherries, and dvd rentals. It's not what you think, honestly, we just pitted those Russian Escapee cherries finally. We had Planet Earth with David Attenborough to start off the evning, then watched Amadeus,which I had never seen believe it or not. Anything Sir David does we eat up like candy, and Amadeus was a great movie -- but hella long. We did get all the cherries pitted in one swell foop and both now have sore, crampy hands to show for it.

I guess that's all the news that's fit to print, ya'll have a good day now ya hear?



Tate said...

hahahahaha i was wondering when i checked the web site and saw the dates for the lodges, why they booked that many so close together....

Bpaul said...

Like I would turn down time at Breitenbush for anything anyway right? Was a great day by any standards.

Was funny when he told me though, can't help that stomach-in-the-gut feeling after driving so long to get someplace hehe.

stingite said...

so which one of you sat naked in the metal bowl?

Bpaul said...

I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.

Aren't you supposed to be at work?


andy said...

I see two things wrong with the photo. First, there is only _one_ wine glass, and there should be two.

Second, I don't see the rest of the bottle close by for convenient refill access.

I suppose there could be a glass of scotch somewhere outside the field of view. ;)

Bpaul said...

1. I really don't drink much, so the wine's all The Wife. I had a gulp or two for the taste and coolness.

2. It's hot as hell around here right now, so we had the refill in the fridge staying chilly.


CtheG said...

it all sounds so darn horrible.
the long ass drive for nothing but wilderness, peacefulness, Nunpa, and water in various forms, and then cherries, the Wife, and Amadeus.
That sucks.

Bpaul said...

Yeah, just rough I tell ya.

Worn out from all this, roughness.


andy said...

Gotcha, BP.

What's your definition of "hot as hell?" I didn't think it could _get_ hot in Portland, but then again, I've never been.

It's about 90 degrees F. here today at midday, and it feels much hotter than that in the direct sun.

We're heading to the neighborhood pool around 4pm to chill with some friends and neighbors. The kids will swim, yell, scream and play games, and the adults... well, the moms will be quaffing "mommy lemonade", and the dads will be enjoying some ice cold beers. It's against pool rules, but we drink from non-descript plastic cups and keep it under control, so it's good fun, and short walk home afterwards.

Bpaul said...

That day was 3 digits -- humidity was low for here, but still high enough to make you really feel it.