Thursday, July 5, 2007

New blog, and photo updates

As you can see up at the top of the side bar, I have a new blog started called the 17 Gardens of the Outer Nethers. It is another photo blog, like the Fur Shark chronicles, but for our Garden.

Doc Ock's kid Squirt went around our house one day, "counting the gardens." He came up with 17, so that was part of the inspiration of the name. I started to explain the whole "bed" is part of a larger "garden" scene to him, but I could tell it was harshing his buzz and I stopped. Knowing someone with 17 GARDENS! was way better than knowing it was one garden with 17 beds.

I am learning the Flickr ins and outs, and in the process updated the Fur Shark chronicles with a few photos as well, for your perusal.

Enjoy the visual stimuli,


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