Monday, August 20, 2007

Rain, and Chanterelles

Its been grey and rainy the last few days. It's actively raining as I write, and this makes the second solid day of rain -- which means soon I'll be picking Chanterelles. I normally hit the woods a few days after this type of early fall precip.

I saw Chanterelles for sale at the Sandy Farmer's market yesterday, which means at least somewhat local areas are starting to produce. If I remember correctly, we started picking last year on August 18th, which we thought crazy early. I'm going to have to start calling my crazy fungal friends and make dates before school starts. Even the most socially reticent acquaintances of mine will come out of the woodwork for a mushroom trip.

As the season progresses I'll talk about the politics and secret-handshake insider information for how my friends and I go about picking mushrooms in the Pacific Northwest. We've developed our own little culture around picking mushrooms, with protocols and niceties, factions, alliances and laws. It's pretty hilarious when I think about it, and I'll share as the various trips start to happen.

Enjoy the bounty of Fall, if your Fall has started yet,


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