Friday, August 24, 2007

Owl Lady Cometh

Check out this picture! The Wife spotted it on the wall of Bentley's house, where we are being so graciously put up in Victoria Canada. It is a picture of Bentley's Mum (they say Mum up here) when she was a kid.

She raised these Great Horned Owls up from barely fledged to full grown by hand. They could be called into the house, where they would swoop in and land on the back of the dining room chairs, waiting for food. They followed her to school and sat atop the buildings until she was ready to come home, then followed her back. Since she grew up in a small town (350 or so people) in Manitoba, this whole scene was a sensation in the town. Apparently, she still gets phone calls from people who find wounded owls in that area. Just too cool.

Tonight, Butchart Gardens. The Wife is gonna freak. Our yard is already greatly transformed since T. saw it last summer.

Enjoy your travels,



Tate said...

that is wild, i love it.
and have fun at the gardens, they are soo beautiful

CtheG said...

amazing photo!!!!!!!

Bpaul said...

The whole image of opening the front door, hooting, and having owls swoop in and perch on the back of the dining room tables just trips me out.

So very cool.

Bpaul said...

Dining room chairs, dammit, chairs.

Tate said...


Bpaul said...


Teal said...

That is so cool!!!! Its just amazing!