Thursday, August 23, 2007

Off to Canukistan

The Wife and I are headed up to Canukistan -- specifically Victoria B.C. We are visiting a load of friends we've made up there through, of all things, World of Warcraft. Neither one of us play anymore, but who can argue with visits to the Land of Socialized Medicine once a year or so. We may even go mushroom picking in their forests!

I expect, as these folks are well connected on the intarweb, that I will be making reports from on the road often. I may even get my camera to talk to someone else's computer and share pictures from Ancient History (at least 3 weeks ago) with ya'll.




Tate said...

have fun, sad i could not go. but these pesky things called "bills" keep popping up

stingite said...

ditto what tate just said

Bentley said...

Your bed is ready, dinner is in. now hurry the fuck up :P

Bpaul said...

Ahhh, Ham dinner waiting for us when we arrived, how sweet.

We're here, we're safe and I'll soon be trying to get some graphics up for folks.

The air, it smells.... of Socialized Medicine! More on that later.

CtheG said...

bp, have some ham for me, and can't wait to see some photos posted!

Anonymous said...

if there's a shada in your visits, tell her cowtao sends good vibes :-)

Bpaul said...

Plenty of Ham consumed m'lady.

And I passed the message Babs, she gave a huge hello.