Friday, August 17, 2007

Report from the road, now in Medford (was near Reedsport)

Just woke up, the news is playing on a small TV in the kitchen, and there are uncles about. Two of them to be exact. It's always a trip to be around blood family, as The Wife will attest -- we all laugh alike. We just have a similar "vibe." Despite all the differences in lifestyle and worldview, our bones are the same.

Yesterday and the day before we spent on a beautiful piece of land on the Smith River near Reedsport Oregon. Uncle Terry and I were visitng The Luddite and his fiance, soon to be Mrs. Luddite. They live on 200+ acres on a river bend with Elk, Black Bear, and meelions of frogs for neighbors. We had a fantastic time, and I did snap a few pictures. I will have to get my computer and my camera to set aside their differences and communicate when I get home, come hell or high water.

Today -- we fish. Uncle Terry and I are now visiting Uncle Tom in Medford Oregon (no literary reference intended). He is a fisherman, and asked that I invoke my inner fisherman when I visited. We will ply Uncle Terry into joining our inner fishermen with beer and make a day out of it. There will be bass and probably sunburns to come.

Enjoy your blood relatives (remarkably, they age when unattended),



Tate said...

ahhh Reedsport the town i was born in, and of course southern oregon the area i grew up in, enjoy it down there my friend i miss it VERY much.
enjoy the blood family too, i dont always agree with the concept of being around your blood fam, but that is my story

CtheG said...

man I love how you write. good read. Feels like you are talking to me.
I wish I could see those frogs. I have memories from childhood of being around tiny baby ones. So adorable.
happy fishing and bonding with fam.

Bpaul said...

tyty, home now but heading immediately to Redwind for a meeting. SO, no time to write again just yet.