Sunday, August 12, 2007


Simply put, I give the movie an A. It would be A+ if they'd invest in an effing steadicam (don't sit too close it's real wiggley), and if he'd use a disguise once and a while to make his life wayyyyy easier.

The movie is great, the director and writers did a good job of keeping the core of the story moving along while making it visual and action-oriented. In the end, it's simply an action movie -- but compared to the slop we've been seeing all summer it looks like Academy Award material. It's not, unless for stunts or somesuch, it's just a well-made action movie, but I find it very enjoyable.

ps: added bonus, Crystal Method soundtrack used in this trailer -- my boys.


Bentley said...

It was really really good, but like the last borne movie i think it'll be better on TV! But yes. Very good movie :D

(We had a really drunk old bastard at ours shouting "WHY DON'T YOU JUST SUCK HIS FUCKKKIING COCK" at the screen for the last 10 minuites causing me to bloody miss the end while i went and complained)

Bpaul said...


CtheG said...

we JUST got back from seeing the movie and checked your blog and there you are talking about it. I LOVED this movie! LOVED it. yes - a bit wiggy with the camera kinda got me dizzy but I also kinda liked it.

i love jason bourne

Bentley said...

He was so drunk, he couldn't even stand when they were kicking him out.

Bpaul said...

Something I didn't mention in the original posting was I loved the weird little romantic interest twist. Nice way to keep a hollywood script cliche going but bend it around a bit. I appreciated that.