Sunday, August 26, 2007

More friend pictures from Butchart

First picture: Muse and Bentley, second Trantor (our Australian Acquaintance), third The Wife in front of some amazing Dahlias. Taking pictures of people taking pictures of you is a time-honored tradition amongst the men in my family, I owe this sensibility to them. Muse will very probably have some really fantastic photos from all our adventures on her flickr site very soon (no pressure Muse).

Enjoy your snapshots of good times,



goodrev said...

Jeepers, peepers, Foxy Lasik mama!

Tate said...

very nice, cant wait for more

CtheG said...

hot, and HOT!
Katwah! Nice to see her - been years.

Bpaul said...

Ain't she a beauty.

Bentley said...

Great man :D
That WAS a damn fine time indeed ;D now i wish i hadn't been learning forward *hangs head* 1, 2 BAT 3, 4..

cowtao said...

kk. . .in between packing (again)to move (again) which is hugely boring (again). . .I've been perusing the most wonderful pics by muse - do recommend the journey to everyone! the purplehaired-middlefinger-guy at the teaparty is certainly giving me flashbacks. . .me thinks haircolour is upcoming. . .once this damned move is done!
oh - and kt avec 'shroom rocks too! that's a portrait
thanks for sharing those