Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Always the question: shall we lie

Quick note as we pack up to head home through the Canadian/U.S. border this morning. We strongly considered lying through our teeth, just to avoid a slowup and duties at the border. In the past, not lying has burned us pretty badly, and that is a consistent experience many people have when dealing with the government in general. In the end, we're gonna just suck it up, tell the truth about the few bottles of Mead (good story there, see future posts), honey and jam we're bringing back and see if it becomes a huge pain in the sphincter as it has in the past.

Will honesty work? Tune in tomorrow and find out.

Enjoy your duty-free day,



Tate said...

well would it be worth it?

Trappin' Pat said...

I never cross a border WITHOUT smuggling something (booze, drugs, money, firearms, endangered animal parts, people).

Bentley said...

My favorite was still my mother smuggling 400$ worth of Commit Stop-Smoking mints in her bra from PA

goodrev said...

I'd go with the truth - these days you're likely to end up facing down the business end of a carbine held by some twenty year old midwestern Marine shouting "Say you love Jesus! Say it!"

CtheG said...