Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New York Film Academy - They're Made Out Of Meat

Was shown this video by my friend and bodyworker Tito today, after a session. Nothing like relating to yourself as Meat right after getting worked over by a bodyworker. I think this is going to be the new catch phrase with the crew.

Enjoy the culinary delight that is your body,



Dani said...

That was a great video.

Anonymous said...

i got up in a very bad and discouraged mood today, only to stubble across this very incredible and entertaining video. ..thankyou ....i will never be the same. now i am walking down the street thinking that i am made out of meat, and eeryone i pass; we should tell them,,,but listen, our brains are made out of meat, so what does that mean, we have no brains? ha!!! look at the black dude stacking cards, i sure couldnt do that, neither could the meat scouts i bet...he stacked those cards..he should have gotten a free meal and a spot on americas most talented

Bpaul said...

HA! That's the whole point, get a chuckle into your day. Very glad you enjoyed it.