Friday, August 31, 2007

Man Purses, a frog

To my surprise, my two uncles and I all carry Man Purses, or Murses, or as my TV-watching friends call my leather bag, The European Man-Satchel. I had to take a picture of the Murses all together, to which Uncle Terry exclaimed -- "hey, we're Mursenaries!"

The second picture is of a frog near the river at The Luddite's place. [addition: I know know that this little guy is a Hyla Regilla, or Pacific Tree Frog]The Wife and I both love frogs -- she screams like a little girl when she sees one, and I smile, knowing that the environment nearby must be in at least decent shape. Environmentally, frogs are the canary in the coal mine, so seeing them brightens my heart.

Ps: There is an update in The Fur Shark Chronicles.

PpSs: Gamers, note the WoW shaman icon pin on Uncle Terry's black leather Murse. GEEK!

Enjoy randomness,



Anonymous said...

Awakened early and, after removing scrotal sleepbags through heavy tea useage, enjoyed yer as-usual amusing/poignant posts. I, too, am a card-carrying (yes, a pun) Murse™-tafarian, and have been for a few years now. After a couple of years bouncing around the gosh-this is-amazing countries to our south, I returned to the PNW to become just another gringo among many. Now, there is a catalog of mandatory and damn-near mandatory social detritus that I'm sure each of us who's immersed in society is forced to carry. Some do without a lot of it, but if you have any sort of bank account and use that debit card, drive a car with insurance, and occasionally remember things that must be written down at just that moment, a wallet doesn't cut the mustard. Enter the Murse™. Mine is an older black version of the blue one in yer foto. Works great and here in Portland, where Chacos, a button-up, and clean shorts pass as fine-dining attire, I can go anywhere with it. I encourage their use and I'm pretty sure one could make a decent living designing and marketing them to that end. Let me know how that goes....

You enjoy your dia.

Tate said...

i have to admit, at first i thought a murse was just a shoulder bag, but after seeing your and your uncles murses, i am not of the murse crowd,,. at least not as a daily thing, i can not let go of my "timbuks design" messenger bag.
but i can admire a nice murse.

Bpaul said...

Dude, nice comment. Dying to know who that is.

Tate, I can say I've never seen you with a Murse (tm). Not butch enough I'd imagine.

And, I can happily report that when The Wife saw the picture of the frog this morning, she squealed and kept running her mouse in circles around it, and clicking on it over and over. She was delighted.

Dani said...

The frog is so cute, but isn't it bad to handle tree frogs? I thought I read that once, because their skins are so sensitive/absorptive that they could have a bad reaction to human skin oils.

Regardless, I am jealous and wish I could find some to take pictures of,too.

Bpaul said...

If there is water around I will handle frogs a bit. If no water, then ya not a good idea. This one jumped from Terry's hands into the water.

I get my hands wet before I handle amphibians, then put em back into water. Figure that washes em off dandily.