Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tea Kettles, Plastic and Aluminum poisons, and the Precautionary Principle

Ever since The Wife's pregnancy, the fact that our electric tea kettle (which gets scads of use from the tonnage of tasty tasty Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants teas that get brewed here every day) has an aluminum heating tray and plastic water reservoir has been bugging me.

[Why yes, that was a blatant plug for our friends' tea business]

Are studies absolutely conclusive that aluminum causes Alzheimer's? Well, not conclusive no -- it's probably multi-vector, etc etc. Is it conclusive that heating food substances in plastics is dangerous? Well -- if they have Biphenol A it probably is, but I'm not sure our kettle does.

Regardless -- a father frets.

I decided to go with the Precautionary Principle on this one. I did some research looking for stainless steel electric kettles. I found out that many have stainless on the outside but not the inside. Many still have plastic water reservoirs. No go.

The Aroma Stainless Steel Electric Water Kettle has neither. The only contact water makes with plastic is a little bit goes into a side reservoir to display your water level in the kettle. Considering all the other options, I'll take it.

I'm sure there are sexier (and much, much more expensive -- this one is only $30) stainless kettles out there, but I just need functional, not fancy. Plus, the customer support lady from Aroma was very helpful, responsive, and friendly when answering my questions. That clinched the deal.

Time to go have some Bombay Breakfast with this new non-toxic water.

[Yep, another shameless plug]

Enjoy not poisoning your family,


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Anonymous said...

Ours is put out by Breville, got it on line which is handy for us living out in the sticks....and it's efficient, and fast - and from what we know at present, not going to kill us silently... va momma