Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ben Harper -- When It's Good [live]

Here is a video of Ben Harper performing 'When It's Good' live at Top of the Pops, broadcast on March 12th, 2003. The song is off the album Diamonds on the Inside.

This is one of my favorite of his songs.

Ps: This video is a good chance to get a close up look at his awesome Weissenborn slide guitar. A big part of why his music is so unique and haunting.

[Warning and apology: the last few seconds of that video show a rated "R" cheesecake photograph promoting some website or another. I figured the video was worth posting anyway, with a warning that it's not really SFW.]

Enjoy watching Ben do his thing live,



A.Stock said...

I'm a HUGE Ben Harper fan and can't thank you enough for finding this one. And personally, I thought the "R" ending was sort of like icing on the cake of an enjoyable experience.

Bpaul said...

Yeah, that ending was right in your wheelhouse wasn't it. Good to see you sir.

Hope all is well.