Thursday, March 12, 2009

Songs Stuck in my Head Series: The Black Keys -- I Got Mine

I dig this song. More specifically, I dig this guitar hook -- simply awesome.

I blame my father's obsession with the rock/blues scene in my younger years. Something about the music is just so straight up and guttural, it gets me every time. The 70's style big-guitar Gemetzel solos (i.e. noodling) isn't my thing really, but in most of their songs they keep that to a minimum.

If you want the studio version of the song, click here. I appreciate the subtleties you can catch on that version. For some visuals as well, below is the band on Letterman:

For another awesome bluesey piece, check out Keep Your Hands off Her.

Enjoy the music of a couple throwbacks from Akron Ohio,


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Ted said...

Check out a little known Canadian blues band called Big Sugar. I saw them a bunch of times in small venues and the rocked. Anything from Hemi-Vision is good; Try "Diggin' A Hole" and "If I Had My Way".