Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Aerial shooting of wolves has begun in Alaska

Looks like the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is planning to reduce some wolf populations up to 75% to boost caribou numbers, according to this L.A. Times article. The parks service isn't so hot on the plan, stating bad information about wolf populations (possibly leading to over-culling), and unrealistic goals for Caribou herd recovery. Apparently, the Fish and Game Department goals are herd numbers that haven't been seen since the early 1900's.

As a biologist, I could start in at this point with an enormous tirade, scientific references to back up my opinions, and righteous indignation. Instead I'll just say I disagree with this plan. My first child is due today and I need to keep my blood pressure down.


[photo credit in linked article]


Chuck Butcher said...

Regardless of anything else, you best let us know about the baby, like promptly.

Bpaul said...

So far the only info I have on the bebeh is that it just demanded (from the inside) a hot pastrami sandwich. And we delivered.

Now it has calmed down (no "kick/punch") and is probably napping.

Due date is today, which is "the day the baby won't arrive" according to our midwife. She rocks.

Trappin' Pat said...

Are you having the baby at home?

Bpaul said...

Not at the moment, but when the time comes, yes.

If there are complications our Midwife/Naturopath has birthing privileges at OHSU birthing center. So far she's never had to use them.

Patrick Gracewood said...

Biology begins at home

msherm said...

I was born at home and look how well I turned out ;)

Just don't play me the home movie the next time I come over!

msherm said...

Oh and I'm super excited for you guys. KT is going to be a super mom I do believe. You probably will be ok too.

I don't get too excited about peoples kids. You guys seem to have an unusual effect on me in this regard. Good Luck!

Bpaul said...

Why thank you sir.