Friday, March 6, 2009

Pink Dolphin spotted in Louisiana

In case you don't cruise the intartubes constantly, I thought I'd better post these pictures of the awesome Pink Dolphin spotted in Calcasieu Lake by Capt. Erik Rue. They've gone viral both on the internet and through email, but I had to jump on the band wagon, it's just too cool.

It is an albino dolphin, very rare but not completely unknown.

Here is a link directly to Captain Erik Rue's Calcasieu guide service page
with all the photos he's posted. I just grabbed a few:

For more reading here is an article about the pictures and Captain on

Enjoy notices of unicorn-level animules still trotting around this planet of ours,


[photo credits in linked article]


One Mul said...

This is a crazy coincidence--I've been working on Calcasieu Parishs' Hazard Mitigation Plan all week.

Bpaul said...

Well make sure to write in the unicorn -- er I mean dolphin, to your plans ;-)

Dale said...

I love my dolphins, but that is one ugly dolphin. I'll bet the other dolphins are merciless.

Thanks! Cool stuff!