Monday, March 2, 2009

Squashed Philosophers

Here's a great site for informationovores -- Squashed Philosophers. There's a pretty comprehensive list of (primarily Western) philosophers, with a one-line quote/paraphrase from each.

The real work, and interest, on the website is on the right side of the page. There are links to at least one major work by each philosopher in condensed form.

I would say that Cliffs notes of anything should always be approached with caution, used as an introduction or exploratory gesture, but you can always read the full work if it catches your attention.

Enjoy expanding your vocabulary and possibly horizons,


[via my Canukistani, Ex-Pat Uncle Ted]


Dale said...

Hey, that's pretty cool! I've always valued overviews, quote collections, and reference works, such as encyclopedias. I still have the copy of "Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia" that I've never allowed to get more than ten feet away from me since I got it late in high school. If my house ever burned down, it would be one of the first things I'd replace.

In some circles, it's sort of a mark of shame that you learned something from such a source, but I think that's very mistaken.


Patrick Gracewood said...

Cool site. I visited Squashed Philosophers and suggested Thomas Merton as he's one of my favorite 'philosophs'.

Glyn Hughes wrote back and said "Thank you for the suggestion, but I'm afraid Merton just isn't dead enough to be out of copyright. His estate will want money, and I still owe Ludwig Wittgenstein £80.

This really is a pity, as some modern divines deserve to be included."

It's a badge of honor and a f'ing burden to owe Wittgenstein money. Hilarious.

Bpaul said...


estu said...

Looks like another list of dead white guys (with the exception of Confucius and perhaps Ayn Rand). Surely human thought extends beyond Europe and Anglo North America.