Monday, March 9, 2009

Speaking of Socialism for the rich, dregs for everyone else

When you're living in a plutocracy (ok, maybe an oligarchy -- you decide), amazing things happen. Like folks yelling about "personal responsibility" and "pulling yourself up by the boot straps" who are themselves benefactors of ginormous amounts of government handouts.

The other amazing thing: many of the folks who are flipping the bill for these handouts INSIST that the money go to the already-rich, and DEMAND that it not go to everyday folks. Because when it goes to folks who made bad decisions (or were duped by experts) about their mortgages -- you see -- that's a HANDOUT. But when taxpayer money goes to enormous institutions that over-leveraged themselves due to an utter lack of oversight (I.E. made bad, no HORRIBLE decisions) -- THAT, somehow, "fiscally conservative."

The mind reels.

Here's the daily show on the same subject:

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[original idea via Idea Whiplash blog, thanks sir]

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