Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Songs Stuck in my Head Series: The Scotsman

Canukistani Kate gave me a mixed music CD and finished it off with The Scotsman, by Mike Cross. It's now stuck in my head, of course.

Below is a World of Warcraft animated video for the song.

Enjoy bawdy drinking songs becoming deeply inculcated into modern geek culture,



Chuck Butcher said...

Having on one occassion slipped on a stream bank and fallen into a nice large growth of Devil's Club, I'll leave mucking about with this particular food to you. I can promise you that sucked big time.

Bpaul said...

Devil's Club is particularly evil. I hear it has medicinal and maybe edible uses, but I don't know enough to tell.

I swear, the nettles lose their sting within seconds in boiling water or in the dehydrator. Honest.