Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ford's solution to a zombie apocalypse

Here is Jalopnik's pick for the Post-Apocalyptic bests at the Chicago auto show. A hilarious concept for a blog post.

"Yuri," my faithful Canukistani operative, pointed out the New Scope Ford F-650 XUV as the car on the list which is of particular interest. Not only for it's Zombie-protection potentials (check out that front grill) but for the obvious fact that it is yet another example of Ford having its finger RIGHT on the pulse of the times.

Thank for Ford for creating a car with fuel economy in mind -- making this bulletproof would have set the gas mileage way too low to be useful in a Zombie apocalypse. Considering the 4wd F150 is getting 9/12 MPG, I'm betting this baby is squarely in the single digits, even on the freeway.




Sharky said...

I, for one, welcome our Zombie Overlords.

Bpaul said...

This information doesn't surprise me in the least. But then you knew that.

Chuck Butcher said...

That is gawd awful ugly.

Trantor said...

Huge gas guzzling cars here are called "Yank Tanks" :)

This fits that name lol

Bpaul said...

Hello Chuck!

Trant, that is awesome, I'm going to steal it. I've never heard the phrase.

Anonymous said...

I'd replace the "y" in "yank tanks" with a dubya. . .

relevant fave bumper sticker:

"how many soldiers per gallon does YOUR truck get?"