Thursday, March 26, 2009

First confirmed Wolverine sighting in California in 80 years!

A male wolverine was still-photographed last year and video'd this year on Sierra Pacific timber land in Northern California. Genetic tests have shown that it is a male, and the same animal in both instances. The video footage was captured by a cameras set up at baits by SPI on their land.

The individual shares more genetic similarity with animals in the Northern Rockies around Idaho or Montana than those from California's past. For more details, check out this article at

Check out the handsome fellow below:

Enjoy seeing some of the rarer aspects of the ecosphere creep back into the lower 48,


[via Uncle Tom, source]


Shocho said...


Bpaul said...

You go sir, you go.

LT said...

I posted that last year when it came out. Too cool. I've always been fascinated with wolverines, since my days on the floor at Sunday church - which means watching Wild Kingdom. And I'm happy and too proud probably to say that I came across one of the buggers in the wild in Chignik, Alaska. Story over there if you're interested.

Hey, best of everything to you and HER, Bpaul. I'll stop and get a cigar on the way home. Oh, just remembered - I have a song for times like this. If you like, play Squirt for momma sometime.

Bpaul said...

The video you posted there is truly badass. Wolverines are amazing.

I will play the song to the mama soon. Nice work.