Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Public Acceptance of Evolution, by Country

You have to keep going down the list if you are looking for some place close to home,


[via Blame it on the Voices]


GoodRev said...

Good lord - lagging behind freaking Latvia again!

The Guy Who Writes This said...

Dude, I going to rob this for my blog. Thanks.

Are you getting bees this year? Bee Day in Colton on April 25th.

Bpaul said...

JB, you crack me up, LOL. Latvia indeed.


Always good to see you around. Rob away, of course.

Yes, I am getting bees. And, as predicted by you last year, I'm going with a Langstroth hive as well. I will dally with top bars, but by gum I want bees and honey so I'm going with the commercial standard for now.

I haven't ordered my Nuc yet, nor assembled and painted my hive, but I have bought it. I'm wanting to get a nuc from a producer directly if possible. Cut out the middle man and give more money to the beekeeper himself.

(In other news, I have my first kid on the way -- due in 6 days!)

I'll be in touch.

Jim Blackwood, Jr. said...

My country is endlessly entertaining. Now, excuse me while I go find a bible verse to retroactively justify that sentiment.

GoodRev said...

Also, for some reason this puts me in mind of the whole Red state/Blue state thing. Just sayin'.

Bpaul said...

Jim you cracked me up with that one.

GR: How the hell do you pick up habits of speech I've only begun to start to use? I have been doing the "I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'" thing lately too. *cue twilight zone music*

Anonymous said...

iceland has also recently overthrown their gubbermint and installed an older, lesbian (out) leader. . .

just sayin'. (lolz)