Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why lefties yell

I thought this article by Allison Kilkenny in the Huffington Post was an interesting comment on the folks who are out there at T.V. shows and outside government buildings holding signs and yelling about the current state of affairs. I like her angle, and the article I think is a good reminder about why protest is important, especially in this time of massive, massive media unification.

Important stuff to ponder, especially if you live in "Little Beirut" -- Portland Oregon, the political protest capitol of the United States.

Enjoy those who continue to resist (and if you don't, consider questioning why),



Stu Farnham said...

A couple of things:

If one thinks that all the yelling comes from stage left, they haven't been watching or listening to the conservative broadcast media! Talk about yelling!

More seriously, I have abandoned the use of the term 'liberal' to describe my thinking and that of like minded folks. Reagan, Gingrich, and the neocons have turned the word into something akin in shame to 'pedophile'.

Even on the left one finds people for whom the term liberal is a perjorative, suggestive of being an armchair progressive with no real skin in the game.

What term to use? 'Libertarian' would fit, but it has been co-opted. 'Progressive' is not bad, in the sense of 'favoring or implementing social reform'.

Why do progressives yell so much? Because no one can hear them over the din of mainstream politics and the media that cover it.

Enjoy your pissed off progressive friends.

Bpaul said...

I questioned the title of the post, but because that's what she was talking about in the article, I kept it.

I can't seem to find a moniker that fits myself either. Of course what I call conservative others find libertarian, etc.