Saturday, February 2, 2008

As if I needed more ammo against Hillary -- Anne Coulter supports her

Check out this video, and hear the positively demonic Ann Coulter (Ms. Pro torture pro war) shout her support for Hillary. Holy scary Batman!

[via Portland Mercury Blog]

Enjoy the insanity, somehow,



Anonymous said...

Thanks for watching that for me--I don't know if I could take it!

Bpaul said...

It's harsh. I bucked up, but it wasn't easy... I wouldn't suggest it.

Shocho said...

I held a cross up to the laptop the whole time, that seemed to help.

I have to think The Demonic Bitch supports Hillary only because it thinks that she can't win.

Bpaul said...

I don't know man, she's got some kind of bone to pick with McCain apparently.

matt_stansberry said...

Hmm... I read some weird stuff about the Hillary/Fox/Rupert Murdoch relationship in Salon a while back -- something about them giving her a free pass, basically suggesting that they have inside knowledge that she's going to be the next president and that they've been handling her w/ kid gloves since.

Bpaul said...

She's so hungry for power it's embarrassing.

And, this hunger makes her very easy to manipulate.

I truly hope Obama wins. He's a disappointment, but he's the most progressive thing we've got at this point.