Saturday, February 9, 2008

Leatherback visits Oregon during migration

This leatherback
was tracked from Indonesia, to Oregon, to Hawaii. Sounds more like the trip of a backpack-toting college student than an enormous reptile.

It is hoped that the information gathered in this study will help garner international cooperation in the protection of these awesome animals.

Enjoy the studliness of wildlife,


[photo credit in linked article]


stingite said...

dang . . . that's a lot of sea to cover. awesome.

although "leatherback" sounds kind of like a horror flick name. um, maybe it's just me.

*Ol' leatherback is out TA GETCHA! LOOK AT MY SPINE! JUST LOOK AT THAT Ol' LEATHERYBACK . . . human flesh gone wrong that is*


Bpaul said...

HAHA, awesome. Always a fun trip inside the Tommy mind.