Monday, November 3, 2008

Time to Geek out -- World of Warcraft retrospective

I found these videos very interesting. They reach back to the board-top games that inspired the modern World of Warcraft. [Warning: if you had to click that text link to find out what WOW is, you might not be very interested in the rest of this post.] There is a lot of information on the real time strategy (RTS) forerunners of modern WOW.

More than a great watch for gamer geeks and WOW lore fiends, I find these videos an interesting view of the creative process. The lore just kept building, the computers and mechanics kept improving, and Blizzard just kept innovating along with it.

In a way, you can get a peek into the creation of gaming as one of the most potent media forces today. [I believe there will be a 3rd part to the series that will delve in depth with WOW as we know it today, but it hasn't posted yet]

And for added spice, here is an article about a guy who plays WOW on 11 computers at a time, with 36 accounts running. Oh my.

Enjoy surrendering to your inner geek,


[videos via The Portland Mercury Blog, crazy man article via cousin Zen]


Shocho said...

Awesome! It's amazing to me how much of the WoW lore has been around for decades.

And I was amazed to see their story start with Utopia. I loved me some Intellivision!

Bpaul said...

Shoch, I'm glad you caught the post. If you hadn't responded in a day or two I was going to email it to you, you were on my mind when I decided to post this stuff.

Cool ain't it.